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"We knew we would need full service planning because we were planning our wedding in New Orleans from Los Angeles. My husband and I both work a lot, we work odd hours, are two time zones away from New Orleans, and were looking to have our wedding only 9 months away from our initial conversation with Lonney Jane Productions. CJ assured us she would make it work, and boy did she! I initially picked her because I knew planning a wedding is supposed to be stressful, and she immediately put me at ease. She accommodated late phone calls to discuss details because we didn't have availability during normal business hours to talk with her. I only made it down to New Orleans twice prior to the wedding, and she helped schedule hair and make up trials, venue walk throughs, etc. She dealt with all my incessant emails in the middle of the night full of anxiety ridden questions with calm expertise and professionalism. She listened to all of my requests and made it a reality with her knowledge of local vendors, while still being mindful of our budget. Her and Dominick coordinated second lines, street cars, vendors, contracts, venue staff, EVERYTHING! They troubleshooted any hiccup during the planning process for us. For example, our save the dates were sent to them printed much darker than how they viewed online. No problem! They had the company reprint them not once, but twice, free of charge to remedy the situation. CJ even made suggestions for things we didn't even know we wanted until she suggested them, and then we had to have them! I'm very detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. As the process went on I felt comfortable simply trusting her suggestions, and everything turned out picture perfect! She really listened to our vision for the wedding and turned it into truly the best day of our lives! The day of, CJ and Dominick were flawless! They made everything run so smoothly and kept us stress free to enjoy it all. The next day a family member came up to me and said, "I don't know how much you paid that planner, but she is worth double! She was invisible but was always right there!" They did an amazing job and the level of service they provide for their price is incredible!"

"Where do I start... where do we start! We met CJ and Nick at a coffee shop knowing exactly what we wanted but didn't know how to put it all together. We fell in love with them right away. We are from Texas but just knew we wanted a New Orleans French Quarter wedding. Little did we know 3 months before the wedding and hours and days of hard work from CJ and Nick we pulled the rug from under them. I called CJ and said we wanted to change the venue to our lake house in Texas. She never skipped a beat! The scariest thought for bride is the wedding day. I wasn't sure how CJ and Nick would pull it off but words can not describe the most amazing day of our life! We have asked multiple guest what was the best part of the wedding and CJ and Nick are always the top 3! They not only treated our guest as family but went far and beyond what we ever thought wedding planners would do. I can't give them more than 5 stars but both Brian and I would give them 100 if we could. The most genuine pure Couple we have ever met! My advice to any bride needing a planner to help her through planning, patience, stress and just enjoying the smallest of things you tend to over look they are the planners for you!! Thank you CJ and Nick we love y'all and couldn't do it without you both!"

"Writing a review for CJ and Dominick of Lonney Jane Productions has been intimidating me because I do not know how words can fully describe how supportive, responsive, organized, and amazing they are. Let me paint you a picture. I am a hyper detail oriented designer who needs a detailed plan for most things, I am a list maker, I am a worrier, and I was in NYC planning a destination New Orleans wedding. CJ and Nick were there every step of the way. I will go more into details about the ways CJ especially was there leading up to the big day, but I want to focus this review on the big day. It is pretty standard to have a rain plan for your wedding. We were getting married outside in the New Orleans Botanical Garden and while we hoped for good weather, we had a rain plan that involved a few buildings at the gardens and a couple tents for the wedding. We actually had two different rain plans - one for severe rain and one for light rain. For average days, having plans A-C is enough. April 14th, 2018 had to prove me wrong. I woke up on my wedding day for a 6:30 hair/makeup wake up call with my bridesmaids. CJ would join us later after checking in at the venue with Dominick to get everything going. I knew it would rain that day (I had been hawkishly watching 3 weather sites for weeks) so the day was overcast, but we had our plans in place! But Mother Nature had other plans. Around 8am, the hair stylist mentioned to the makeup artist that she and her husband brought in their lawn furniture the night before because there were supposed to be 75mph winds. One of my bridesmaids covered my ears and said not to worry. Less than an hour later, my mom got the call from CJ and it felt like my heart stopped - the tent vendor cancelled the reservation due to a tornado warning and the insurance risk of high winds. We didn't have a tornado plan. Or so I thought. Because while I was collapsing with anxiety and emotion, CJ informed us she had already talked to all the vendors and that they could all do the wedding the next day during the day time. She also said our vendors could all accommodate a later start time that same night if we wanted to risk the rain to keep our date. CJ had all the different possibilities figured out before calling to give me the options for how to proceed, and adapted fluidly into speaking with one of my maids of honor to coordinate, as I was busy collapsing and details were a struggle at that point. The wedding day was perfect. The sun was shining, the weather was lovely, everything was beautiful, and the party was amazing. It felt right that it happened when it happened. But I know that without CJ and Dominick smoothing everything behind the scenes, it likely would not have happened at all. In the lead up to the wedding, CJ was amazing with sending vendor options, answering every question I had (often answering the same question from me, my mom, then one of us again), putting together timelines for the lead up to the big day, planning agendas for when I visited to maximize our time, breaking down the day of minute by minute, holding my hand, working to find me the perfect florist fit for my very detailed floral design vision (it included a Pantone color palette, flower crowns for the whole party, and a dog flower wreath), and more. I cannot say enough for why you should hire this dream team. I actually cannot, because I have reached the review character limit. Consider this the most glowing review it is possible to give."

"Creative, lovely, and experienced! My husband and I currently live in Vietnam/ Hong Kong and wanted to do a wedding party in New Orleans. We had the venue (Race + Religious locked in) and got CJ involved 4 months before the wedding. I was worried since we didn't have that much time to plan but after we signed with CJ, all my troubles went away. I was so relaxed and it seriously felt like all I needed to do was show up!! I showed up in New orleans 3 days before the wedding and was just hanging out with friends, and no details about the wedding was lingering on my mind. That's how confident and relaxed CJ and her team made me feel!! Top reasons to work with LJP: 1) AMAZING DESIGN: The team executed our theme brilliantly - they are SO creative and the designs turned out amazing. (Our team was a pastel garden that turned into a Adam&eve whimsical garden at night and the team pulled out the most incredible transition! There was a cool snake charmer, trees with apples hanging from them, branches and apples on the tables. It was COOL) 2) FLEXIBILITY: CJ was so flexible on altering designs, food menus, etc and always gave us options to choose from. We also changed up the ceremony format a few weeks before the wedding and it was so easy! 3) THEY GO BEYOND: 4 days before the wedding, we asked if CJ had any recommendations for a crawfish boil for 100 people. She immediately helped me find a caterer who took care of everything (food, venue, etc), and we decided within a day and made the crawfish boil happen in 3 days. Victor and I want to say thank you so much to you CJ and your team for the best weekend!!"

"CJ and Dominick were the perfect planners for us! We live in Brooklyn, NY and so we knew we needed a full planning package in order to full of a wedding in New Orleans. It was TOTALLY worth it. From the beginning, they were the most responsive planners we that reached out to. Cj was extremely warm and seemed genuinely excited about our vision from our first call. Our inspiration was the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet, and she and Dominick had tons of great ideas. Their vendor contacts were invaluable! Cj gave us great options for catering, photography, videography, florals, etc.. that were all within our budget. We would have never found most of them online, and it would've taken us triple the time to vet them on our own. Not to mention, it was comforting to know that our planners had worked with these vendors before. Over the 9 months we worked together, Cj and Dominick helped with every little detail. They never made us feel like we were asking for too much and they always made time for any necessary conversations. No detail ever slipped through the cracks. One huge relief for us was that they stored so many wedding items for us. We shipped rugs, huge neon signs, gifts for the wedding party and more. We were able to do a lot of things ahead of time because of this, which saved us time, money and stress leading up to the wedding. The day of the wedding, we felt so incredibly taken care of by Cj and Dominick!!! They were extremely organized. They were great at communicating any changes to us in a reassuring manner, but also not overwhelming us with unnecessary details. So many of our wedding party members and family members told us how impressed they were with our planners. We truly could not have done it without Cj and Dominick! I can't stress enough what a good decision it was to hire them for the full planning package. Knowing that they were along with us through the entire planning process, and knew every detail, made it a million times less stressful when the big day arrived! We can't wait to visit them in NOLA again some day :)"

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