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Lonney Jane Productions is a full-service wedding and event planning company that specializes in hosting destination couples in New Orleans

Meet the Team

Hi there! We’re Cj and Dominick, the dynamic duo behind Lonney Jane Productions and your unconventional wedding planners!

As a husband-and-wife team, we bring a fresh and unconventional approach to wedding planning. We’re passionate about curating unforgettable experiences for couples who choose the Big Easy as their wedding destination. We specialize in crafting destination weddings that capture the essence of the vibrant city of New Orleans. We focus on intimate and innovative experiences with a non-traditional approach.

Our Philosophy

Breaking Tradition, Embracing Authenticity: We believe that weddings should reflect the couple’s unique love story. Forget cookie-cutter weddings; we’re all about celebrating your quirks, passions, and shared adventures and infusing them into your celebration! We help create a wedding experience that truly reflects your own personality and love story. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and personalization.

Creativity Unleashed: Forget the rule book! We write our own rules when it comes to weddings! We color outside of the lines intentionally! We have a passion for creativity and individuality and thrive on the unexpected. No two love stories are alike, so why should weddings be the same? Your love story deserves a bespoke narrative.

Guests Experience: For our 95% destination clientele, the guest's experience is paramount! It’s not just about the wedding day, it’s about the whole adventure. The guests aren’t just invited to the party, they are a part of the party! We want your family and friends to leave with a long lasting memorable experience.

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